Bare-root seedlings

Vyzvedávání dubu na stř. Brandýs nad Labem

This is a traditional way of growing forest tree species in free soil and in the foil tunnels, when plants are raised from the soil with bare roots.

The plants can be dispatched from the nursery only in the period of vegetation dormancy– so only early in spring before the burgeoning for spring reforestation or in fall after the leafs fall (in case of broadleaves) and after the end of growing (in case of conifers) for fall reforestation. More information.



Air-prune seedlings
Quick Pot, Rootrainers (QP, ROOT)

Smrk ztepilý na stř. Františkovy Lázně

The LESOSKOLKY s.r.o. company has experience with this technology since 1993. The plants are grown on a so called “air cushion” in special containers placed on the frames. A biological principle of the air cushion is that the roots grow through the opened bottom of the cell and dry out thanks to the air (they are so called “cut by air”). Our company use QuickPot and Rootrainers containers.

This is an intensive technology of growing. The duration of growing will shorten from the common two years to only one year (in the case of broadleaves) and from 2-4 years to 1,5 year (in the case of conifers). More information.



Air-prune seedlings
Quick Pot 1,6 l, so called bowmonts (BM)

Listnáče v sadbovačích Bowmont na stř. Řečany nad Labem

The plants are grown by the so called „air cushion“  technology in QuickPot containers with cell volumes of 1,6l. Bowmonts are designed for the production of large-size plants and saplings. More information.



Cell grown plants (Ko)

Javory v kontejnerech na stř. Brandýs nad Labem

The plants are cultivated in plastic, non intergrowing containers with volumes of 3 and 5 l. The highest-grown and best built plants (both the air-pruned and bare-root) are transplanted into final 3 – 5l containers. The transplanted plants are cultivated in the containers on the firm area for a maximum of one year. Once the roots are formed, they are used for outplanting. The advantage is usage during the whole year. More information.



Christmas trees

Plantáž vánočních stromků na stř. Františkovy Lázně

We grow cut christmas trees for wholesale and even for retail.

We offer  various species of fir (Abies sp.), spruce prickly (Picea pungens f. glauca) and black pine (Pinus nigra) in our assortment. More information




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