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The company LESOSKOLKY s.r.o. started in 1992 by the privatization of the nursery enterprise Řečany nad Labem which was part of the East-Bohemian state forests of Hradec Králové. The history of the company started in 1895.

At present, the company farms on 205 ha of land in Eastern Bohemia, Western Bohemia and near Prague.

All the production centers consist of good nursery areas, stock, manipulation areas, air-conditioned depots, irrigation systems, accommodation capacities and useful mechanization so that it can fulfill its task in the shortest possible time  – to produce the best quality planting material for our business partners according to their requirements.

The company grows the whole assortment of forest tree species and shrubs (more than 140 types). We grow species in 5 main technologies (or methods).  The most of our customers are in the Czech Republic, we supply planting stock also to Germany, Austria, Slovakia and others.

We have the required certificates and licences (needed – is also good option) for growing and manipulating the planting material and  seeds to keep the gene pool of plants. The company is an active member of many Czech and European professional associations and forest nurseries.


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