Bowmonts (BM)


This is the same technology of cultivation - the so-called „air-cushion“ - as described in QuickPot, Rootrainers (QP, ROOT), but this is designed for the production of large-size plants and saplings.

The plants are grown in QuickPot containers with cell volumes of 1,6 l. 




Advantage of so called bowmonts is the possibility of whole-year reforestation. Compared to large-size plants and saplings in containers also lower costs, easier handling, lower transportation costs, minimal roots distortion and lower costs of planting.



Dispatch and transport

The dispatching of air-pruned planting material takes place during the whole year (except for the frozen period of a year) according to the wish of the customer. Air-pruned seedlings and plants are packed in 2 pieces.

The transport costs are covered by the customer. On demand, transport can be organized by us or by our transport partners. 



Other pictures of our produciton areas, material of this technology can be found in our gallery. Have a look to our offer for specific species.


How many plants will fit into the individual means of transport?

Means of transportLarge-size plants with cells of the cell volumes of 1,6 l
Personal motor-car to 50 pcs.
Car-trailer 2 x 2,5m to 300 pcs.
Van to 1500 pcs.
Cargo truck up to 3,5 t to 3 000 pcs.
Cargo truck up to 7,5 t to 5 000 pcs.
Semi-trailer truck to 15 000 pcs.


How many plants are contained in one pack?

One pack of Bowmnot contains 2 plants.

What is the weight of one pack?

One pack of Bowmnot  weighs approx. 2,5 kg.


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